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Drawing the Face: A Course for Beginner Artists

Why I created this course: Whenever someone tells me, 'I want to learn how to draw, I just don't know where to start!', I always reply: 'Start with THE FACE' Some of the greatest works of art in history revolve around the face, and for good reason: Faces bring us INTO THE ART. It is our emotional connection into the world they're in.

Faces are 'portals'. They are how we connect with the figures in the artwork, but also with other beings in our shared reality. Our faces tell stories. Our faces have seen heaven and hell. Our faces are beautiful. Every single one of them. And learning to draw a face is, I strongly believe, the absolute MOST important thing an artist can learn to draw.

This is why the very first course I've created for my new online school, Infinite Artist, is 'Drawing the Face: A Mini-Course for Beginner and Advanced Artists'.

Who is this course for? This course is made for beginner artists, but advanced artists will definitely benefit from this as well. Because these are the very same techniques I use daily when drawing my faces..and I've been drawing them for decades:)

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