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Procreate Samurai Ink Brushes

Eastern Inspired Inks, and Ink-Wash Brushes for Professionals

Inspired by Sumi-e, Eastern, and Japanese Ink drawings, the Samurai Inks brush pack features a set of Procreate brushes crafted from quality textures. Taken through countless hours of testing and fine-tuning, they're capable of creating unique textured and organic-looking art in both black and white and color. Perfect for realistic, inking, beautiful Sumi e paintings, and gorgeous washes.

Includes 8 realistic water-based brushes that take full advantage of Procreate 5+ new brush engine. Now you create beautiful, realistic washes, smears, and blends without hacks.

Taking full advantage of the Apple Pencil's tilt & pressure features and Procreate's impressive brush engine, these brushes handle like traditional toolsets and work beautifully together.

Updated for Procreate 5+

  • 3 new brushes: Ninja Sumi E, Samurai Fude, and Water Dragon
  • Brushes can be reset to their default settings from the "About This Brush" tab.
  • Each brush embedded with our official Ink Gang Boss seal.
  • 8 brushes updated with Procreate 5's new brush engine and behave like water-based brushes. Create realistic washes, transitions, and blends!
  • Includes the original legacy versions of all updated brushes
  • Updated installation instructions included in the brush guide PDF.
  • Free lifetime updates

These brushes take full advantage of the Apple Pencil’s tilt & pressure features, Procreate’s impressive brush engine, and countless hours of refining and testing.


Zip file with 1x Brush Set file with 18 Procreate 5+ brushes, 7 Legacy brushes, and a 29-Page PDF installation/brush guide.

NOTE: These brushes are for the Procreate 5+ app only. They will not work in Photoshop

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You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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