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Tutorial: Creating Eyes From Scratch - (Realtime)

  • The Product:

Early in my character career I always struggled making eyes for characters and getting them to look right. I never found a resource that really showed what goes into making them. So the aim of this product is to be an instructional video on how to create realistic eye for game characters from scratch. The process will cover blocking out the mesh in Maya, where we will create a base mesh with correct sizing to be used in a human head. We will move next to sculpting the highpoly model in Zbrush to get high quality details we can later use when baking the model to a low poly mesh. We will follow that with the complete process of baking, and using those maps to paint an eye ball texture from scratch. We will bring it all together in a nice presentation with some rendering inside Marmoset Toolbag. Not only will you receive the tutorials but all supplemental materials included.

  • Included in this product:

3 Tutorial Videos breaking down how to create realistic eyes from scratch. Videos broken up into modeling, texturing, and rendering. Final game eye model FBX along with source files for both Maya block out mesh, as well as Zbrush high poly sculpt, also the bake meshes All texture maps used to create the eye, along with utility maps in baking the model such as curvature, thickness and others. Original source asset file for Substance Painter included. Final marmoset presentation scene which includes 2 different shading models for the eye provided.

  • For use with:

Marmoset Toolbag 3.08 Zbrush 2020.1.4 or above Substance Painter 2020.2.1 or above Maya 2018 or above

Hope this was useful and a new learning experience. If you have any feedback or ideas on future products I would love to hear.

-Asset List:

FBX Files EyeMesh EyeHigh EyeLow Marmoset Files EyeBake EyePresentation Maya Files EyeBasemodel Substance Painter Eye Textures Bakes EyeIrisColorAO EyeIrisColorcurve EyeIrisColorheight EyeIrisColornormal EyeIrisColorthickness EyeIrisDepthao EyeIrisDepthcurve EyeIrisDepthheight EyeIrisDepthnormal EyeIrisDepththickness EyeScaleraColorao EyeScaleraColorcurve EyeScaleraColorheight EyeScaleraColornormal EyeScaleraColorthickness Final Textures EyeIrisDepthBaseColor EyeIrisDepthCavity EyeIrisDepthFuzz EyeIrisDepthNormal EyeIrisDepthRMA EyeIrisDepthSpec EyeLowIrisDepthHGT EyeScaleraColorBaseColor EyeScaleraColorNormal EyeScaleraColorNormalMask EyeScaleraColorRefractionDepth HeadDetailNorm Zbrush Files Eye

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