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Male Head Perspective Brushes

Over 250 anatomical perspective brushes to be used in digital art to increase speed and accuracy in character drawing! This set features a detailed male head with prominent surface guidelines. It includes views from all around the model at 15-degree increments.

The brushes are in ABR file format and are organized according to viewing angle. Learn how to quickly navigate and find the angle you want by reading the included 3-page Getting Started Guide complete with diagramed explanations.

To be used for easily finding an angle or analyzing for perspective studies, the included Visual Brush Directory is a valuable asset. Formatted to be printed or simply referenced in digital form, this index alone holds a wealth of knowledge.

These brushes were made to deliver accurate perspective for the complex anatomical forms we use repeatedly in drawings. They can be used to experiment with different angles in a matter of clicks, layout complex scenes with dozens of figures, and create rough storyboards faster than before.

All brushes were made referencing a 3D model which I personally sculpted to show the details and landmarks I work so hard to locate in the layout phase of my character drawings. These brushes bring the efficiency of 3D programs directly into your drawing software with a style that is more conducive to hand drawing.

Let this tool free you to spend more time on creating your vision and less on redrawing your anatomy.

You will get 3 files

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