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Jingsketch Complete Collection

Complete Collection ✏️

Join over 50,000 artists worldwide and bring your ideas to life with the Complete Collection— all of my 50+ time-saving brushes and 5 color palettes that I rely on as a professional artist. I use them daily to create a wide range of work, from finished commercial paintings to published medical illustrations to sketchbook sketches.

As a lead artist for Plaid Hat Games, I used these brushes exclusively to create character and environment illustrations for their games Comanauts, Aftermath, and Battlelands.

This brush collection was slowly built from the ground up, continuously optimized for a multitude of creative challenges. As such, brushes are organized into separate Sketch, Paint, Smudge, and Soft brush-sets. See them in action below.

Lifetime Updates ⏳

You will receive all updates and new brushes for free, forever, without a subscription.

✔️ Users recently received 6 new smudge brushes as a free update.

Brushes and updates will be sent to your email and Library, downloadable from any device.

About Me 🎨

Like many of you, I learned to paint with Photoshop, but Procreate quickly became my favorite painting app. But in the beginning, the brushes didn’t work like I wanted them to. They felt off. I began using Procreate professionally, and after thousands of hours of painting, I slowly created a brush-set that I was happy with — this one. My goal by sharing this set is for you to express yourself without feeling like you're fighting the brushes, and I have a feeling that this will be a significant asset to your workflow whether you're a beginner or a veteran.

You'll Receive 🎉

  • 24 Sketch Brushes
  • 25 Paint Brushes
  • 8 Smudge Brushes
  • 6 Soft Brushes
  • 5 Color Palettes
  • Gumroad Access

Brushes come organized into separate Sketch, Paint, Smudge, and Soft brush-sets.

Happiness Guarantee ⭐

Your happiness is my number one priority. If you have a problem within the first 7 days, I'll solve it, refund it, or whatever it takes to ensure you walk away happy.

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