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Modular Medieval Handpainted Town

Modular Medieval Town - Meshes are modular and built for quick-snap alignment for fast and easy construction. - Interiors and Exteriors included. - Models are included in three separate files: ModularTown, ModularTown_Interiers, and Blacksmith. - No preconstructed buildings included.

Meshes - Over one hundred objects. - Roof dimensions fit a range of one to three wall width, and can be combine to fit a wide variety of building sizes. - All models are very low poly, averaging roughly 100 vertices, each.

Textures - One 2048x2048 texture for exteriors. - One 2048x2048 texture for interiors. - One 2048x2048 texture for blacksmith assets.

Game Development - Models are low poly for game development. - Assets may be compatible for mobile game development, given that meshes be combined in your game engine. - UnityPackage file available for download (version 5.6.3). - Preconstructed building prefabs are included in the .unitypackage. - CombineMeshes script included in the .unitypackage.

Scenes - No scenes provided for image rendering. - Preview Images rendered in Unity Game Engine.

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