Medieval Costumes - photo reference pack

1900+ high resolution images of the “Medieval Landshut Wedding procession”, royalty free. Feel free to use them for painting, as reference, for photobashes, matte painting etc - personal or commercial use. No credit needed. Enjoy!

I believe those are very valuable references and not easy to come by. I am putting them up for my fellow artists for free, but I appreciate it a lot if you decide to pay a bit for it!

Info: Every four years, there is a huge medieval event happening in my home town: The Landshut Wedding ( It is a reenactment of a wedding that happened here in 1475, with over 2000 costumed participants and the entire city getting dressed up for it. As opposed to most other medieval festivals, there is a really strong focus on authenticity: Appropriate hair length, no glasses etc, and a wide array of beautiful professional costumes.

There are town guards, children with their nannies, noblewomen & noblemen, knights on horseback, citizens, trumpet players, flag bearers, pipers, falconers, servants, beggars, and of course the princess… and more!

About this pack: - Most photos are of costumed people walking, waving, or doing little stunts. Most of them from front/side, a some of them from behind. Lots of full body shots, crowds of various sizes, also medium shots and portraits. - Houses and other tourists can be seen in the background, I did not do any cropping or post-processing. - I went to the procession two times (“procession 1a+b” and “2a+b”) with different lenses - Dimensions 3456 × 4608

Notes: - Please use them responsibly. These are photographs of regular, everyday people, celebrating a medieval festival together, including little children. Please use good judgement and be respectful when using those photographs. There is no model release included. - You may not repost, share or sell the images in their unaltered, original form.

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