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demo build:

in most first and third person games the sky fills up to half of all the pixels on the screen...


demo build:

in most first and third person games the sky fills up to half of all the pixels on the screen. It therefore has quite a substantial impact in the overall frame rate and render performance of a game. This Sky performance pack is addressing unlike most others the issue of making the best and most feature complete sky system with as little instruction and computation as necessary. The sky system includes a fully dynamic time of day moving sun and moon positions along with procedural clouds based on special cloud seed textures. The clouds are actually per pixel lit by the sun and moon. It also includes moving stars as well as Northern lights. All of this is accomplished in 170 instructions. Everything can be edited by the user via setting values in valuables in the blueprint or curves that address the different conditions of the sky over a 24-hour period including things like cloud density and colours.

Fully dynamic time of day sky system with per pixel lighting on simulated clouds
highly performance optimised works on all platforms including mobile and HTML 5
exponential height fog and atmospheric fog can be controlled by the system (/Experimental)
HDR and post-processing settings are also exposed and can be set up on a 24-hour cycle
full control over all main elements of the sky with curves mapped to a 24-hour cycle
cube map render feature to make a static snapshot of the sky for ultralow performance systems that then can use the snapshot rather than the dynamic system.
Organised and solid starting point to alter and integrate the system into your game

Number of Blueprints: 2

Number of textures: 96

Cloud seed textures: 60 for top and side clouds with a 4k resolution

SkyPerformance main and the SkyPerformanceSnapshotImpostor blueprint are supplied which can be configured nicely over their individual interfaces within the editor when they're placed within the world.

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: all engine supported platforms

Supported Target Build Platforms: all engine supported platforms

Documentation: the project is documented within the overview map

Important/Additional Notes: support email address


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