Hard Surface
Unreal Engine 4

Shield Bundle - 5 Shields with Textures

A pack of 5 shields ready for your game!

This pack contains all 5 of the shields pictured. Save $5 when buying the bundle together!

For optimization, textures for Unreal Engine 4 are RMA packed. Unity 5 maps are packed as Albedo+Transparency, Metallic+Smoothness, and Normal.

Follow the documentation provided by your engine of choice to setup the materials for this model using the provided textures.

Skeletal meshes are prefixed with SK. Ex: SKPistol.fbx Static meshes are prefixed with SM. Ex: SMPistol.fbx

Textures are sorted into sub-folders by engine, with resolutions being further sorted into their corresponding sub-folders. Texture naming follows general engine specific guidelines.

Purchase of this product grants the buyer a license to utilize this product in any number of creative endeavors by the buyer, but does not grant the buyer a license to redistribute this product as a standalone asset, or in a package of assets. This product is free to be modified, re-textured, and allocated to project members, but modifications of this product must still be used in a creative endeavor and not sold as an individual asset. This license is non-transferable.

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