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Old Medival Wagon / Full Tutorial Process

Warning: Read and check all types of licenses carefully before purchasing

average level

In this tutorial, we cover the entire process of modeling, unwrapping, and texturing an old medieval wagon from scratch.

You must have basic knowledge of this software to follow correctly. (+16 hours)

+16 hours of full training (modeling, opening, texture) MidPoly Mesh Clean quad topology Unwrapped in UDIMs workflow 4K textures in PNG (16 bit)

Educational materials:

Modeling: +10 hours of modeling process in 3dsmax software. Everything is clear and you can easily follow the modeling process.

Unpacking: + 4 hours unwrapping in Rizom UV. UVs are clean and tidy. Before starting the texturing process, it must have a proper UV and for this part we use RizomLab. For large objects you should open your project with different techniques to avoid low quality resolution after the texturing part! In this part, we use the udim and overlap technique for this old medieval wagon object.

Texture: +3 hours Texturing in the Substance Painter. Now it's time to go to Substance Painter and start the texturing process. Basically we start with the UV tiles option in the project and manage the material for the udims method. In coloring materials with uv tiles, you can color and texture all the tiles together.

Prerequisite for basic knowledge of the used software (how to navigate and work with basic functions in them.)

Note: The videos are not narrated, they are screen recording with shortcut display

Software used:

Rizom UV 3Dsmax Substance painter Marmoset toolbag marvelous designer

Note: All videos are non-narrated (meaning no audio or subtitles. But you can see the hotkeys I've used)

3D model content license:

The contents of this package include:

fbx (2014) (2014) 3Dsmax 2021 Textures Folder 4k (PBR-Metallic Roughness Texture)

Mesh properties:

Vertices: 282.839

Polygon: 267.049

Triangle: 527.708

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