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Thermal Cannon

Today I want to share some of my knowledge with you, more specifically I want to show you how to create Thermal Cannon!

Content: 20 Videos = 620 minutes of Step by Step Tutorial at an intermediate level.

Modeling process ( about 420 minutes )

This product has been modeled in 3D Max.Watch videos 1 to 14.

Unwrapping process (about 95 minutes ) Watch videos 15 to 17.

In order to have a high quality texture, first the model was divided into 4 parts based on the main material of that section ( I usually categorize models based on the main colors of their materials) : gold part, blue part and metal parts (But since most of this model is made of metal material, I have considered two metal parts.), and unwrapping the product was easily done in the lovely Rizome UV.

Texturing & Lighting & Rendering (about 95 minutes ) Watch videos 18 to 20.

The texture sets were baked in the Substance Painter and then the texturing process was done on the model.In the rendering process, I used the Marmoset toolbag to get the desired output, after importing the model and setting textures, the lighting and camera were set, and finally the output renderings that you can see in the poster.

Software Used:

Rizom UV
Substance Painter
Marmoset Toolbag

I hope you will enjoy it and hopefully learn something as well!

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