Zbrush Custom Posing Rig Tool For Humans Version 2


This rig is ideal for posing nude characters but still requires clean up to fix anatomical issues.

The rig is transferable to any human character with some minor work to just adjust certain zsphers to fit the proportions of your model.

I wouldn't recommend this rig to pose a character with multiple subtools that don't distort. It comes in handy for posing nude humans or even human like creatures by adjusting zspheres to match the proportions. It gives you the flexibility of doing iterative poses and its pretty easy to use once you understand which joints need to be rotated.

Please watch these video tutorials on my youtube channel to understand how to use the rig. I also show you how to create your own rig and i have some posing demos as well.

Zbrush - Custom Posing Rig For Humans VERSION 2 -

Zbrush - How To Set Up & Use The Rig For Posing -

Zbrush - Posing Workflow Using Custom Rig -

Zbrush - How To Create Your Own Custom Rig For Posing -

I've included a version of V2 with no finger or feet support in case you find that rig handy.

VERSION 2 includes support for fingers and feet which means you can create more dynamic poses.


  • Complete support for posing the fingers and the feet.

  • Tweaked joints for more accurate movement.

  • Additional joints added to prevent breaking when trying to create seated poses but cleanup is still required.

  • Additional joints added for smoother range of motion.

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