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Introduction to Animation in Maya 2022

Are you a beginner who wants to learn the tools and techniques for animation inside of Maya? Would you like to learn animation with easy to follow exercises and projects? If that is the case then I welcome you to nexttut’s Introduction to Animation in Maya 2022.

Course Goal:  At the end of this course you will be able to animate scenes using universal techniques and concepts. You will understand how to apply the different principles of animation and how to utilize the tools inside of Maya to create great scenes.

What I Will Learn: In this course we will be covering:

Animation tools in Maya

Principles of Animation

IK and FK systems

Body Mechanics



I will start the course by teaching you the basics of animation in Maya, we will explore some of the most classical exercises like the bouncing Ball and the Pendulum Swing to understand some core concepts. We will then jump into more advancer animations like a Walk Cycle, Body Mechanics and even a combat animation. I have designer this course for students who want to learn the basics of the animation world inside of Maya.

Basic knowledge of the Maya interface is recommended. We will be using Maya 2022 and Arnold so make sure to have both elements installed.

Join me and you will be animating inside of Maya in no time

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