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Tutorial wood planks hand-painted texture

I want to share with you my process to create a hand-painted tiling texture and its PBR variation.

From PBR to Hand-painted:

I used a tillable hand-painted texture workflow using Photoshop mixed with the standard PBR workflow principle in order to be flexible.

From the PBR workflow I mean that instead of baking from a high poly mesh I painted the fake bakings such as the Ambient Occlusion.

Product content:

  • Tuto PDF (68 pages)
  • Photoshop texturing file
  • Substance Designer material creation file
  • Maps & Textures

You will need to download this Substance Designer node for free: NormalToRoughness , it will help to create the roughness.

Skill Level

Beginner to Intermediate Level: For the hand-painted part you should be able to know the basics about painting and the offset tool. For the Substance Designer, I walk out through it as a beginner so no worries.

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