Skeleton Army - 2D Game Character Bundle

White Skin Run Animation GIF

A bundle of skeleton characters suitable for sidescroller / platformer games


  • 17 Characters each with 6 animations.
  • Fully rigged in Brashmonkey Spriter
  • Character animations are editable
  • Ai, SCML and SCON files included
  • All character are exported as png sprites and spritesheets
  • All animations are exported as png sprites and spritesheets
  • 100% Vector

What characters you will get:

  • Basic skeleton
  • Peasant
  • Barbarian
  • Leigth Warrior
  • Heavy Warrior
  • Headless Bomber (suicide unit)
  • Kamikaze Bomber (suicide unit)
  • Nightmare Rider (Horse unit)
  • Cannon Boy
  • Sharpshooter (Archer)
  • Marksmen (Archer)
  • Evil Mage
  • Mystic Mage (alternate skin to other mage)
  • Wizard
  • Giant Skeleton Hand
  • The Grim Reaper
  • The Skeleton King

All characters also have a white skin version.

Every character has the 6 following animations:

  1. Attack
  2. Death
  3. Hurt
  4. Idle
  5. Walk
  6. Run (whereever it applies)


Basic Skeleton Animation GIF

Leight Warrior Animation GIF

Barbarian Animation GIF

Kamikaze Bomber Animation GIF

Marksmen Animation GIF

Mage Animation GIF

Wizard Animation GIF

Grim Reaper Animation GIF

Giant Hand Animation GIF

Skeleton King Animation GIF

Everything is organized and named properly.

If you are interested but not sure if the characters fits in your game then you can try out a sample character from this package for free here: Free sample

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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