3ds Max
Substance Painter
UV Unwrapping

Mad Max Leather Glove

In this Tutorial, we will model, unwrap, texture, and render A MadMax Glove zero to complete level. To follow this tutorial correctly, You should have basic knowledge of this softwares. (+16 Hours)

Base Modeling

+2 hours of the modeling process in Marvelous Designer.


+3 hours of retopo in 3ds max -zbrush & unwrapping in Rizom UV. Before getting started with the high detail process it needs to have proper UV and for this section we use RizomLab.and we need to retopo for clean topology.


+2 hours in 3ds max.this section,we modeling chain and lock an gear in 3ds max and unwrapping in RizomLab.

High Detail

+1 hours of in zbrush . Before getting started with the texturing process it needs to detail and for this section we use zbrush for sculpture.


+3 hours of Texturing in the Substance Painter.Now it's time to Substance Painter and start the texturing process. you can paint and texture Leather and rust iron.

Rendering +30 minute of redering.this section yo can lighting and rendering and you can creat a turntable video.

Software Used: Marvelous Designer 3Ds Max Rizom UV Zbrush Substance Painter Marmoset Level:

Intermediate Prerequisite Basic knowledge of the software used ( how to navigate and work with primary functions in them )

Attention: the final model and project files don't include this product.but it is available in commercial license

Attention: all videos are unnarrated (it means there are no voice-over videos or subtitles)

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