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Characters and Anatomy
Unreal Engine 4
Game ready

Shinobi Game-ready Character


  • Outfit and Nude Model in FBX, OBJ and MA formats.

  • Example pose in FBX.

  • Posing Rig for Outfit version of model in MA format.This rig will export to game engines but only the body will work (Face is not compatable with game engines). This rig is not intended to be used directly in game animation and is just for posing the character. The current face rig can be removed and a game face rig added if needed.

Version in outfit is 147,572 Tris and 81,203 Verts. Nude Version is 79588 Tris and 45573 Verts. Rendered in Unreal 4

Texture Breakdown:

There are a total of 9 texture sets for the version in the outfit and 5 texture sets for the nude version.

  • Armour set contains a Colour, Normal, AO, Roughness and Metallic Map. Does not require any special shader work.

  • Upper and Lower Clothing sets contain a Colour, Normal, AO, Roughness, Opacity and Metallic Map. Requires a masked shader.

  • All skin sets contain a Colour, Normal, AO, Roughness and Scatter Map. Will require a subsurface shader for full effect.

  • Eye countains a Colour and Normal map. Reference the refractive unreal eye for a true eye setup.

  • The Hair and eyelash are the same set of textures, which contain, Colour, Normal, AO, Roughness and Opacity. They have seperate Material groups in Maya so the eyebrow colour can be different to the hair. The Eye rim contains an Opacity, Normal and AO. These are the meshes around the eye and are not required but help set the eyes into the face. The MA and FBX files will have Vertex colours for these meshes so only the normal map is required, however i have supplied an opacity just incase.

  • The Eyelashes are fully mesh so do not have any maps.

  • The nude version has its own body textures.

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