ZBrush 2021 +.5 +.6 What's New PLUS Bonus!

Get up to speed on all of the new ZBrush 2021 features, including --Dynamic cloth simulation (although you don't have to limit it to cloth!!),...

Get up to speed on all of the new ZBrush 2021 features, including: --Dynamic cloth simulation (although you don't have to limit it to cloth!!), cloth brushes (make your own easily!) --New ZModeler functionality like edge extrusion, surface snapping, auto vert welding, topology techniques (remember you can use simulation and collision volumes now!) --MicroPoly for real-time instance mesh replacement for some insane surface effects --Animation caching --Symmetrical sculpting --Nanomesh updates --Thick Skin for easy clay finish effects and more! --Contrast Brushes and Deformers for easy punching-up detail! --Curves Helper for precise curve placement! --Curve updates, including Curve Alpha, Extrude Profile, and Snake Curve Brushes! --Mesh-from-Mask brushes - Mesh Balloon, Mesh Extrude, Mesh Project, and Mesh Splat! --Geometry AO plugin! --And a lot more!! Watch these videos on my YouTube channel, or download all 80 videos, more than 13 hours of instruction, here!

B O N U S C O N T E N T All of the above, plus! --An extra 30 videos, 5 extra hours of instruction! --Web links to relevant extra online content --Source file ZTools on some projects so you can follow along, and the final render scene ZTools for most projects (details below)

Basketball Scene 10:14 - 001BasketballSceneRim.mp4 05:07 - 002BasketballSceneNetPart01.mp4 11:53 - 003BasketballSceneBackboard.mp4 02:26 - 004BasketballSceneBlobLights.mp4 06:23 - 005BasketballSceneNetPart02.mp4 08:41 - 006BasketballSceneNetKnots.mp4 13:21 - 007BasketballScene_KeyshotRenderSetup.mp4

Basketball.ztl BasketballScene.ztl

Shark Scene 10:40 - 008SharkSceneBodySetupAndInflation.mp4 19:12 - 009SharkSceneBodyRopes.mp4 05:37 - 010SharkSceneFishCreation.mp4 05:06 - 011SharkSceneClothBodyDetail.mp4 08:20 - 012SharkSceneFishSchoolAndFinish.mp4 05:21 - 013SharkScenePolypaintFinish.mp4 06:56 - 014SharkSceneKeyshotRenderSetup.mp4

001SharkBase.ZTL 002SharkZRemeshedWorking.ZTL 003SharkFinalRenderScene.ZTL

Truck Scene 15:56 - 015TruckSceneHoodRoofAndFrontQuarterPanel.mp4 10:50 - 016TruckSceneHeadlightsBumperGrill.mp4 12:29 - 017TruckSceneTiresAndText.mp4 12:10 - 018TruckSceneSteeringWheelAndSeats.mp4 11:10 - 019TruckSceneTanksAndStreetSign.mp4 10:41 - 020TruckSceneLampAndArm.mp4 08:23 - 021TruckSceneShreddedPostAndSmoke.mp4 07:23 - 022TruckSceneShatteredGlass.mp4 04:47 - 023TruckScenePowerLines.mp4 12:57 - 024TruckSceneKeyshotSkinHairEyeAndSceneSetup.mp4

TruckAndLightPost.ZTL TruckWrecked.ZTL

Garage Scene 11:59 - 025GarageSceneCeilingFloorsAndWalls.mp4 09:39 - 026GarageSceneTubesWiresCordsAndAmmoBelts.mp4 18:11 - 027GarageSceneSceneAndKeyshotSetup.mp4

Halloween Scene 15:50 - 028HalloweenSceneInflatedCatAndPumpkin.mp4 11:09 - 029HalloweenSceneInflatedLettersAndPolypaint.mp4 04:39 - 030HalloweenSceneGrassAndKeyshotRenderSetup.mp4



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