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Houdini Tutorial Procedural Japanese Castle in UE4

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a procedural Japanese castle generation tool in Houdini 18 How to automatically generate interior and exterior...

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a procedural Japanese castle generation tool in Houdini 18. How to automatically generate interior and exterior using point instance. The method allows to add portions that can interact with the player (e.g., opening the doors) Provides the ability to speed up the creation of content for games. The tool can be reused in different projects with different types of stylization, because we will use prefabricated props.

WHAT'S INSIDE? 27 Video Chapters (12 hours of tutorial) Houdini 18 Project File Unreal Engine 4.24 Project File + all assets PDF Documentation (54 pages). HDA Asset


Chapter1[1] Project Setup - 2 min. Chapter1[2] Creating Custom Nodes - 9 min. Chapter1[3] Size Controls - 15 min. Chapter2[1] Creating Wall & Corners - 40 min. Chapter2[2] Creating Exterior Ceiling & Floor - 44 min. Chapter2[3] Creating Stairs & Ceiling - 38 min. Chapter2[4] Creating Interior Walls & Doors - 47 min. Chapter2[5] Procedural Tatami Layout Generation - 42 min. Chapter2[6] Unreal Engine Test - 12 min. Chapter3[1] Creating Exterior Walls & Corners - 31 min. Chapter3[2] Creating Stairs & Ceiling - 25 min. Chapter3[3] Creating Interior Walls & Doors - 28 min. Chapter3[4] Creating Tatami Layout - 25 min. Chapter3[5] Unreal Engine Test - 7 min. Chapter4[1] Creating Interior Walls - 21 min. Chapter4[2] Creating Exterior Walls - 24 min. Chapter4[3] Unreal Engine Test - 5 min. Chapter5[1] Creating Interior Bridge - 42 min. Chapter5[2] Creating Stairs & Floor - 19 min. Chapter5[3] Creating Exterior Walls - 27 min. Chapter5[4] Creating Balcony Structure - 45 min. Chapter5[5] Unreal Engine Test - 10 min. Chapter6[1] Creating Sides Floor - 16 min. Chapter6[2] Creating Stairs Zone - 38 min. Chapter6[3] Creating Ceiling - 22 min. Chapter6[4] Creating Corners - 14 min. Chapter6[5] Completion HDA Asset - 80 min.

TOOLS Houdini 18 Unreal Engine 4.24

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Beginner-Intermediate Houdini Knowledge

FORMAT At the beginning of each chapter is an animated illustration explaining what will happen in each Chapter. No audio commentary.

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