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Houdini Tutorial Procedural Plant in UE4

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In this tutorial you will learn how to create a procedural bush plant in Houdini 18 We will start with the generation of the stems...

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a procedural bush plant in Houdini 18. We will start with the generation of the stems whose height depends on the height of the boxes selected as input. Then we will add the branches whose size and angle we will set in Houdini. We will create the UVs and assign the materials from Unreal Engine. After finishing HDA, in Unreal Engine we will be able to change the size of the branches, branches random seed, branches density and change the seasons. The methods used in the tutorial offer full control over the shape of the whole plant and at the same time it keeps a natural look. As texture we will use vegetation atlas. Can be reused in different projects with different types of styles and provides the ability to speed up the creation of content for games. WHAT'S INSIDE? 12 Video Chapters (4 hours of tutorial) Houdini 18 Project File Unreal Engine 4.24 Project File + all assets HDA Asset

INTRODUCTION Chapter 1 Intro. 8 min. Chapter 2 Procedural creation of the stem. 20 min. Chapter 3 Generating the first level of branches. 21 min. Chapter 4 Generating the second level of branches. 7 min. Chapter 5 UV Unwrapping and Creating UV Layout. 10 min. Chapter 6 Creating HDA tool and Unreal Engine Test. 10 min. Chapter 7 Adding level three, branches with leaves. 45 min. Chapter 8 Creating the season presets. 50 min. Chapter 9 Completing the HDA. 34min. Chapter 10 Assignment of UE4 materials to Houdini Digital Asset. 20 min. Chapter 11 Adding details and particles. 19 min. Chapter 12 Unreal Engine HDA Test. 9 min.

TOOLS Houdini 18 Unreal Engine 4.24

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Beginner-Intermediate Houdini Knowledge

FORMAT At the beginning of each chapter is an animated illustration explaining what will happen in each Chapter. No audio commentary.

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