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Chameleon Adaptive Palette

Major new release 3.0 !!!

Note: This version works only on Photoshop cc 2019.1+

Massive update - complete rewrite for future compatibility and extensibility. A...

Major new release 3.0 !!!

Note: This version works only on Photoshop cc 2019.1+

Massive update - complete rewrite for future compatibility and extensibility. A Plethora of new features, including Sliders! And keyboard control via external scripts. Too many new features to list, but you could always get a preview/overview by visiting

Again Please note that this version is for CC 2019.1 and above - for older versions (cc2016+) please use the older Chameleon 2.5

Update 2.5.1

Bug Patch

2.5.1 had a bug that would cause errors if the "Brightness" strip was turned off. Some cosmetic stuff too :)

Update 2.5.0

Photoshop CC 2019.1 Compatible !

•Massive Speed overhaul. Now opens/toggles/updates instantly after first run. •Ui Polishing - lots of little bit of extra love. •Information bar added - will be more useful in future updates ;) •(behind the scenes) hooks for keyboard shortcut controls added.

Update 2.4.5 -

Photoshop CC 2018 Compatible !

• New label mode in place of "no labels". Much more user friendly :) • Left handed option ! Wehaay.

Update 2.4.1

Now with Palette-only lock ! (Thanks to user requests, what a fabulous addition).
•Colors can now be dragged from anywhere to the User Strips !
•Los of extra Ui love :)

for loose documentation:

for Photoshop CC 2015.5 - 2019.1

Chameleon is a culmination of many features of my other extensions, collected and refined into one panel.

video preview available

Each of the strips provides a different color function, but they all have the same principle. They automatically and intelligently generate ranged colors swatches or palettes based on the one you just selected.

They can be locked to act as a static palette, or unlocked to dynamically give you variation.

Unique Chameleon Features:

Single panel

A panel that can be placed anywhere, docked anywhere, and adopt any dimensions. From microscopic to full-screen. Fully Retina Friendly.

Direct color control of Solid Color and Vector Shape layers !

No more delving into additional color requesters to change colors of fill objects. If your current layer is a vector shape or Solid color etc; a single click on a Chameleon color will change that layer contents instantly.

User color strips !

Now you can add or remove your own color with the user strips. Double click to add, Alt-click to remove. They can be dragged around and Chameleon will fill in the gaps with in-between gradients on the fly !

The UI is extensively designed to be minimal, can be docked with any native panels, scaled to your hearts content, minimise, iconizes etc. You can even switch individual swatch ranges off if they’re no use to you. The panel takes no CPU time while painting and remembers all your settings between sessions.

Chameleon Adaptive Palette is fully compatible with Photoshop CC 2017 and above, both Windows and Mac platforms identically.

Change notes: 2.1.8 Fixed bug affecting [Layer Blend Mode] hotkeys/mousewheel 2.1.9 Added "Complimentary" Strip by request


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