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Sculpting with Confidence

Video tutorial on how to sculpt more effectively and with some speed. This video will help you understand your sculptures, but more importantly keep things simple and effective. Requires Zbrush, and video is for beginners and up.

Contents: -60 minute video tutorial -Zbrush Ztool sculpts Preview here -Zbrush UI and Hotkeys -Light Caps for dynamic lighting

Topic: 1. How to approach your sculpts with some broader strokes and thought process. Usually what slows people down is not knowing how to simplify. This video will cover that, and how to approach it within zbrush.

  1. Think about soft versus hard edges. I'll go over how most zbrush sculpts I see actually fall short in this realm and forget to have a good balance. Also will show techniques on how to achieve this using the smooth tool, and trim dynamic brush.

  2. Applying lighting to reconfrim your forms. Some peoples forms are just a bit out of their control. Just because the software offers an array of tools, sometimes it's too much and blinds you of the basics. Lighting your forms are a great way to check if you got good forms.

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