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Blender sculpting for beginners vol. 1

As sculpting in blender now are getting much hot topic, I've figured some basic and important stuff to myself, sneaking out among blender and tablet preferences, to get them efficient and work comfortable as it's possible. So this stuff I'd want to share with you, guys.

In this video tutorial we'll go through sculpting in blender 2.82 - on fast food bag blocking out mesh and sculpting that one as well. Also, I explaining the basics and preferences to get started in sculpt with blender and tablet, how to bind them up and allow them work properly and efficient.

All exercise files are provided: - .blend files (block out and sculpt)- alpha texture for brush to make crackles- reference images - alpha texture for brush to make crackles- reference images - reference images

Hope you'll find this video helpful!

Pay attention please - I use Russian operating system and in tablet options theres some preferences with Russian letters, but I explaining them in English:)


Specs: - Resolution 1920 x 1080 px - Codec - x264 - Format - mp4 - Duration - 2 hours+ - Bitrate - 2807 kbps Video and 317 kbps Audio - File size - 2.88 Gb - Frame rate - 30 fps

Please scroll through the cover images to view screens included within the product page.

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