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Oil Drum Prop

Oil Drums set are created using blender and baked in substance painter. There are 2 versions of the texturing. 1 version is textured in Substance Painter (file included) with 8 variations. 4 Texture sets for Barrel 1 (4096x4096) and 4 Texture sets for Barrel 2 (4096x4096)

The other .blend file is textured using a tiling texture created in substance designer .sbs and .sbsar file for this and the rust is included as well, the sub graphs .sbs and .sbsr for these textures are included as well.

The blend file has the lighting setup and HDRI nodes for the render already setup.

*Polycount * 968 Tris 492 Faces 496 Verts

No overlapping UVs on the main set. In the tiling texture file the barrels have 2 uv sets, the main set is used to apply the normal map, the second set is used to apply the tiling texture to obtain variation from 1 atlas.

The Highpoly models are included in the .blend file as well.

You will get 1 file

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