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Textures To Pbr In 1 Click !! blender addon

Simply .... select textures then click Generate PBR !!

Documentation: 1- Installation 2- Generate PBR Material 3- Edit Suffixes 4- Reload Material Textures


  • Do you have to create and connect shader nodes each time you create a PBR material ?

  • What about connecting Height maps ? changing material settings ? adding subd ? .. etc

  • Or connecting a DirectX Normal map ? Ambient occlusion ?

  • What about reloading material textures while editing them in external program ?

  • but even more .... do you want to control textures suffixes for each channel ?

  • No more bridges, TEXtoPBR works with any PROGRAM or WEBSITE !!


But how ?

  • TEXtoPBR reads your selected images suffixes, and compares them to its simple database "json file" ... which you can edit inside blender itself , that's how it knows which texture is corresponding to which channel

  • All your edits are saved in the json file "data.json"... you can create a backup for future use or even to use it in other blender versions ... just copy and paste the whole file in its place !


Channels that TEXtoPBR supports are :

Base color

Ambient occlusion







  • You have the option to invert Green channel for DirectX Normal Textures or use a Bump map instead for black and white textures

  • TEXtoPBR edits all necessary settings if the PBR has Height map or Alpha in it , and adds Subd modifier with right settings for Height map

  • TEXtoPBR creates mapping node so you can edit PBR location, rotation and scale

  • If you are editing textures in another program and want to update your textures inside blender, simply click " Reload Material Textures ", choose your material.. hit OK.


Having any problem ? you can Contact Us and we will help you : [email protected]



Our goal is to build a separate system inside blender to take care of creating PBR from any textures

created from any program or downloaded from any website .... with more control on suffixes,

and more automation for settings , reloading textures .. etc

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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