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Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles

Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles is fully packed with hex tiles, icons and overlays to create stunning fantasy maps for your video games, tabletop rpgs or print products, be it a commercial endeavour or just to spice up your pen and paper roleplaying campaign!


  • 10 tiles per biome, spanning forests, mountains and oceans
  • 2160 tiles in total: please check the sample images for an overview of the tiles included
  • All tiles come in two orientations: flat-bottom and pointy-bottom
  • Tiles are embedded in 840x840 px images (a flat-bottom tile with border is 795x688 px)
  • 21 path, road and river overlays
  • Tiles come as png exports and as a data file which can be re-exported together with my free tool Tile Builder (by Steven Colling)
  • Tiles come with a medium border around them: use Tile Builder to re-export the tiles with a different border or no border at all


  • All elements, like trees, mountains and bushes, are available as single files, with enough instances to ensure variety
  • 30 location icons, like cities, farms and mines
  • 60 flairs, for example to indicate the difficulty of a tile with a skull flair
  • 60 markers, for example to indicate the player's current camp with a campfire marker
  • Krita (.kra) and Photoshop (.psd) source files with colors separated by layer
  • Compatible with my image batch editing tool Color Mapper (by Steven Colling)

The content of this pack works great in combination with my other Isle of Lore 2 asset packs:

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