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Gunquin the Virtual Art Mannequin

A stylized 3D Mannequin for posing, anatomy study, and draw-overs.


  1. A Muscle system view that mimics real life muscle pinning with important muscles named and separated by material

  2. A Skeleton view

  3. A Combined Muscle and Fat view that includes fat pats for plus-sized characters

  4. 10+ Sliders to adjust arm length, head size, hand size, gender, etc.

  5. Custom UI to help users new to blender

  6. 60+ pages worth of documentation, Wikified for your convenience!

  7. An animatable Rig using Blender's Rigify (IK/FK switching, parent switching)

  8. A pose library with 30+ presets (Be sure to check the wiki for installation instructions)

Requirements 1. It is recommended that you have a decent GPU(GTX 1080+) and CPU(i7+) with at least 16GB+ RAM for Cycles rendering

  1. If you don't have the Cycles requirements, you can always switch to EEVEE.

  2. Must have Blender Installed You may download it through Steam or the official Blender Foundation Website. It's completely free!

  3. The Documentation includes a startup guide, please check it out as there is a lot of important information included especially for first-time Blender users.

Usage 1. The Gunquin is intended as a base for draw overs, study, and posing. It's not a final product meant to be displayed directly in any produced material or displayed online via pose asset packs and the like.

  1. The included 3D meshes are not optimized for 3D workflows, and do not include animation-ready topology. It is only built to be a base and isn't intended for use in games or CGI shorts.

  2. Please credit the Gunquin with a #gunquin if you use it! We'd love to see your results!



Demo Video:

Overview/How To Video:


Minor bug corrections- 1. Scaling the skeleton from the root will no longer have an odd effect on muscles 2. Missing Polygons on the lower Latissimus Dorsi in Soft Mode when simplify was turned off and in renders

Blender 3.5.1 seems to be broken at times with the pose-library addon not containing necessary options. Try a previous version if you do not see the options as shown in the wiki.

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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