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Wooden Mannequin


The model is a wooden art mannequin, commonly used as an art reference and/or for decorative purposes.

The downloads contain a high res mesh(1), low res mesh(3), and several texture maps(16). There are 3 LODs/mesh density variations for you to choose from to better suit your project. The model is NOT rigged and NOT animated, but it should be easy to rig the model because it's all rigid bind. The high res mesh is not UV'd nor textured, only the low res meshes are. The textures are 2k size and have 4 variants -- light wood clean, light wood with wear, dark wood clean, and dark wood with wear.

This asset was primarily created with PBR/video games in mind.

This Wooden Mannequin is part of the Uphill - Artistic Pack, but is being offered for free. If you find it helpful to your project, a donation, credit (Uphill Van | OPA Media Arts Inc.), or a link to this page ( would be nice. An email saying hi or thanks is also welcome and would also be appreciated ([email protected]), regardless of the donation/credit.


The following files can be found within the download:

  • mesh/

    • uphv_mannequin_high.fbx (298,796 tris)
    • uphv_mannequin_low.fbx (3,658 tris)
    • uphv_mannequin_low_01.fbx (2,084 tris)
    • uphv_mannequin_low_02.fbx (768 tris)
  • texture/

    • uphv_mannequin_a
      • uphv_mannequin_a_albedo_2k
      • uphv_mannequin_a_metalness_2k
      • uphv_mannequin_a_normal_2k
      • uphv_mannequin_a_roughness_2k
    • uphv_mannequin_a_clean
      • uphv_mannequin_a_clean_albedo_2k
      • uphv_mannequin_a_clean_metalness_2k
      • uphv_mannequin_a_clean_normal_2k
      • uphv_mannequin_a_clean_roughness_2k
    • uphv_mannequin_b
      • uphv_mannequin_b_albedo_2k
      • uphv_mannequin_b_metalness_2k
      • uphv_mannequin_b_normal_2k
      • uphv_mannequin_b_roughness_2k
    • uphv_mannequin_b_clean
      • uphv_mannequin_b_clean_albedo_2k
      • uphv_mannequin_b_clean_metalness_2k
      • uphv_mannequin_b_clean_normal_2k
      • uphv_mannequin_b_clean_roughness_2k


  • The FBX is fbx v2013

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