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READY TO GET ANIMATING We all grew up watching cartoons and drawing. The natural outlet is to want to make our own animations, right?


READY TO GET ANIMATING? We all grew up watching cartoons and drawing. The natural outlet is to want to make our own animations, right?

Of course it is!

Believe it or not, it used to be a costly and difficult process— revolving around traditional drawing materials, many reams of hole-punched paper, and expensive compositing equipment.

Nowadays, you can draw out your own animations from the comfort of your couch, and this course will give you the quick start you need to get creating.

This is a 7-week course showcasing how simple to complex animations can be created using Procreate for iPad. The principles of animation therein apply in spite of the program.

It is still recommended to use procreate for the greatest ease of following this course. If you know the basics of Blender, Clip Studio Paint, Flash, Krita, or Photoshop, you can animate along in any of those programs as well.


Q: Does it come with assignments?

A: Yes. a simple PDF file outlining what to do after watching the lesson.

Q: Do I need an iPad, Apple Pencil, and Magic Keyboard?

A: No, but without them you should have a drawing tablet and a different software other than procreate to follow along.

Q: Is this course okay for TOTAL Beginners?

A: Yes. Even if you can only start off drawing a stick person. It’s about principles of motion and animation more so than drawing. If you want to learn to draw better, check out the other courses.

Q: Is there anywhere I can get support or post my work?

A: Yes, I have made a Discord specifically for this course. All students are free to join and post their work therein.

Q: Can I watch the lessons anywhere?

A: Yes, the download link takes you to a private dropbox folder wherein you can download or stream each lesson and the assignment PDF.

Course Outline:

Overview and animation basics

Time and spacing

Follow through and overlap, flour sack and stick person animation

the animation mannequin

shot types and acting for animation

walk and run cycles

Tracing a rough animation for cleanup


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