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Sci-fi Power Charger Modeling Process Tutorial

Sci-fi Power Charger Machine Modeling Process Tutorial in Blender

in this extensive 10+ hour you will learn how to create a optimized high poly game prop modeling like "Wolfenstein II the new colosus Power Charger Machine" No skipping no fast forward all steps recorded from Blockout phase to texturing and rendering all of process done in blender and you don't need to learn any other software or tools and in the end you can create a high quality realistic prop exact like the tutorial poster preview If you are looking for to learn how to create a high poly game prop in modern games like Wolfenstein II then this tutorial is for you and worth for every dollar that you pay

"You Spending money to develop your skills plenty of steps higher than the other artists don't hesitat" Free Chapter Link:

This course worth more than money you pay

I keep standard lisence price low that it will accesible by more people

General Covered Steps:

Block out General shape of the Model or Prop
Changing Simple Block outs to Final Realistic model
Adding Small Details Like Bolt and Nuts
Creating Material Exact Like the reference
UV unwrapping needed Parts For Decals
Assighning Texture Decals to the UV unwrapped Places
Setting up light and camera to have final rendered images

Main Features:

Creating a High Poly Modern Game Prop from Scratch
10+ Hour Of Unnarrated Content video
Learning a lot of hard surface techniques from a industry skilled artist
Reference took from a famous game By Bethesda Machine Games studio
Problem Solving
Step by Step workflow
Standard Creating prop workflow
Start from Scratch
Each Phase of Creating Separrated
Recorded in 2K Resolution

Note: Main reference photo was created by "Matthias develtere" at Bethesda Machine Games studio" Senior3D Artist you can check his portfolio on Artstation with link below :

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