Substance Painter

Creating a Pipe Hammer Weapon in Maya Tutorial

If you have ever wondered how to produce a high-quality weapon in high-end games like "DEAD ISLAND 2",In  this 7 hour in depth course you will learn how to build a pipe hammer from scratch in MAYA 2024 and render it in Marmoset Toolbag also you will learn how to UV unwrap with Mayas own Unfold3d and creating decal with photoshop

"You Spending money to develop your skills plenty of steps higher than the other artists don't hesitate"

This course worth more than money you pay

I keep standard license price low that it will accessible by more people

General Covered Steps:

Modeling inside MAYA 2024 UV unwrapping inside MAYA  Preparing Model for Texturing Process and Exporting to Painter Creating Material Exact Like the reference inside Substance 3d Painter Making lighting and Material inside Marmoset Toolbag4 for Rendering

Substance 3D Painter Exclusive Covered Features:

3hour and 8 min just Texturing from Total 6+ Hour Tutorial length Creating Advanced Hard Surface Metal with Patterns Advanced Wear and Tear Using anchor point feature to add more detail to surface Advanced Moveable Decal Hard Surfacing Color Decal painting Techniques Making a simple Cylinder into advanced Molded Worn Metal

Main Features:

Texturing Completely inside Popular Substance 3D Painter in depth Rendering With Popular Marmoset Toolbag 4 Creating a High Poly Modern Game Prop from Scratch 6 Hour and 39 min  Un narrated Video Content Creating Texture DECALS with Photoshop Learning hard surface techniques from a industry skilled artist Reference took from a famous game By DUMBSTER STUDIOS

Problem Solving Step by Step workflow Standard Creating prop workflow Start from Scratch Each Phase of Creating Separrated Recorded in 2K  Resolution and 60fps

Original reference(included in project files) created by "Martin Hones" for "Dead Island 2" video game

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