Digital Art

Easy Art Lessons 11-15 (Posing Characters)

Drawing characters is EASY. Most people say that they can barely draw a stick figure. But what they don't realize is that drawing a stick figure is just the first step- the basic groundwork, for ALL drawings of the human body!

In these (mostly real time) lessons, I show you how you can go from drawing a stick figure, to drawing dynamic, posed human figures with PERSONALITY for your comic book, animation keyframes, or illustrations.

These fundamentals are great for developing your skills with character poses whether you're a beginner or a pro, drawing on paper or digitally!

I've developed the EASY ART method to get straight to the point in STEP BY STEP real-time, FULLY GUIDED lessons that you can follow along with, complete with homework assignments to help you improve.

This course compounds on information presented in lessons 1-10, but they are not required to follow along.

Duration: 1.5 hours

You will learn- -How to build a mental model of a skeleton (the foundation of a human figure) -How to pose that skeleton dynamically and where to get ideas -How to communicate personality and emotion in body language -How to study anatomy and improve on your own -How to render muscles and build a mental library for muscle groups -How to render the human body with believable shadows

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