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Pencils Brushes + PSD templates

I made this pack for those who love traditional and digital art alike. If you draw with pencils on paper then the digital equivalent is likely to appeal to you. Indeed, in appearance, the lines are as close as possible to the traditional technique. Each brush has its own unique shape and has been carefully calibrated to convey that very pencil feel.

If you usually draw on a computer or iPad, then go try and experiment with my new brushes! Give your drawings the charm of the traditional pencil technique.

I also made some templates with photos of pencils and blank pages of my sketchbook. You can use them to decorate your work or make similar templates yourself based on these examples. All files are in PSD format, the color of each pencil can be easily customized. A short video tutorial is attached.

Hope you enjoy using this set!

You will get:

  • 25 .abr Photoshop brushes (CS6 +, CC2019 +)
  • 25 .brushset brushes for Procreate (❗️ The brushes for Procreate are slightly different from Photoshop brushes. Please be sure to check the screenshots before purchasing)
  • 15 PSD templates to decorate your work
  • Time-lapse video of the drawing process (25 minutes, no audio)
  • Video tutorial about how to use the templates
  • 3 full-sized JPG of the demo sketches

Tips and tricks.

To make the drawing look more realistic to the traditional technique, follow these simple rules:

  • When imitating graphite, use gray instead of black
  • Don't press too hard if you want a more textured line
  • Put your drawing on a separate layer in Multiply mode OVER the layer with paper, but UNDER the layers with pencils.

If you have any questions or problems with the purchased products, please before rate email me to [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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