Game Development

Texture Tutorial - Painting the Female Face

This two-part time lapse painting tutorial showcases my approach to texturing the female face with in-depth coverage of skin, eyes and hair. Additionally, I will be going over materials from the character's accessories such as crab shells, bone, leather, and rope. This tutorial is designed to be user-friendly for both novice and veteran users of 3DCoat. I will be sharing many useful tips and tricks for navigating and utilizing 3DCoat as efficiently as possible to enhance your textures. As usual, I will also be narrating my thought process from beginning to end in regards to design, lighting, and other workflow principles.

Programs used -


-Photoshop(very briefly)

You will receive -

-OBJ of the female bust

-Approximately 6 hours of HD footage and audio commentary

-TGA Textures

You will learn -

-Hand painted texturing from scratch

-Materials covered - Human skin, eyes, hair; crabshell, bone, leather, worn rope

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