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How to - (FULL SERIES) 3D Hand Painted Weapons

50% Off for a Limited Time!!! Over 3 hours of tutorial/walkthrough footage of the creation of a low poly hand painted weapon. In Part 1 we look at the process in Maya used to create the model, in Part 2 we cover the UV process and finally in Part 3 we look into the texturing phase using Photoshop.

Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS+ and Maya recommended.

You get:-

  • Dagger.obj

  • Dagger.fbx

  • Dagger_Concept (JPEG)

  • Dagger_UV.tga

  • DaggerTexture.psd (contained in 'DaggerProject.rar)

  • DaggerTexture.tga (contained in 'DaggerProject.rar)

  • Maya Scene (.mb) (contained in 'Dagger_Project.rar)

  • 3 Video's (.rar)

Runtime = 197 mins

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