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Create Traditional Style Paintings in Krita

Krita is an ever-evolving powerhouse, putting the ability to create incredible digital art into your hands, for absolutely free. While there are many methods of working in Krita, some of the most requested functionality is how to get that vivid, beautiful "realistic painting" look within the software.

This tutorial looks to aid you on that journey, and give you the knowledge and tools necessary to take your traditional painting techniques to the next level within Krita!

In this tutorial, you'll receive

  • Over 2 HOURS of real-time, fully narrated video of painting in Krita
  • Paint a tradtional-style piece from beginning to end, with detailed tips for each phase of the process in real-time
  • Tips and tricks on using Krita's brush engine, including a deep look at Krita's incredible 'RGBA Brushes' and how they can do the heavy lifting for you
  • Traditional painting technique overviews - take traditional painting ideas such as alla prima, "wet-on-wet", scumbling, underpainting, and advanced rendering techniques using only your paintbrush (no stencils, photobashing, or crazy layer tricks here!)
  • Bite-sized, easily learnable steps you can follow to ensure you're not fighting against the program, allowing your artistic instincts to thrive unhindered by the technology
  • How to find proper reference for use with studies and paintings
  • Crash-course of the Color Wheel, including key concepts such as temperature, what makes color work, the "secret sauce" of color cohesion, mother colors, and more!
  • A PDF thank you and cheat-sheet for reference

If you're a Krita artist wanting to try your hand at more traditional painting, or an experienced artist coming from another program (such as ProCreate, CLIP Studio, Photoshop, SAI, Affinity Photo, or MediBang) and want to learn the ropes of Krita, this tutorial is for you!

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