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China and Hong Kong Resource Pack

A series of about 2000 reference photos taken in China and Hong Kong that will be useful for any environment concept artists, matte-painters and digital painters for personal or commercial use. There's a lot of vernacular architecture, landscapes and skylines.

Highlights of the pack -

Fujian Tulous - Unesco Heritage Site ( Basically each huge building is about 600 years old and its made of clay and is earthquake proof. They will flatten a mountain to make this giant donut that houses the whole village. Each has its own entrance fee but i wanted to make this pack the best I can with my brother's old camera )

King of Tulou ( The biggest and grandest clay village )

Victoria's Peak ( Night view of Hong Kong )

Dragon's Back ( Aerial view of Hong Kong )

Big Wave Bay Trek ( Views of the best beaches in HK and weird plants from giant roots to mangrove type plants )

Yik Cheong Building ( Scene of movies like Transformers and Ghost in the Shell )

Buying this allows you to incorporate purchased photos into your own concept designs, including for use for commercial projects. Not to be resold as your own though.

On Gumroad this same pack is ONLY $12 because Cubebrush takes 45% -

You will get 4 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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