Artist Reference Photos: Barcelona Boar

On my way to Tibidabo Amusement Park in Barcelona, Spain, I came across something I never expected to find in the middle of a crowded street - a wild boar! It was blazing hot that day, and I suspect the poor fella was searching for water or food, but it was completely fearless of the crowds and not at all aggressive.

I took the opportunity to snap several photos, taking advantage not only of this situation but of the excellent sunlight for that day. This boar was surprisingly photogenic, pointing its snout right up to my camera and trotting around like a model on the runway.

This pack features a little over a dozen photos capturing hair, skin, eye, and hoof details, with several interesting poses that will make for great drawing and painting subjects. The brilliant sunshine of that day provides some sharp shadows and bright highlights to aid in your creativity.

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