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Handpaint Weapon Course [FULL WORKFLOW]

Young padawans will acquire ancient knowledge of creating a Handpainted Weapon. From the depths of design to the Modeling, UVs, and Mastery of Texturing!

INFO: The Course is separated into 5 Chapters/Weeks, and contains 8Hrs of Video content with a commentary and additional PSD Guides SOFTWARE: Blender or Any 3D Software, 3D Coat, Photoshop, Sketchfab or Marmoset

REQUIREMENTS: Basic 3D knowledge, ability to hold a pen and have fun

FILE FORMATS: Textures and Guides - PSD, PNG 3D Models - Blend, FBX, MB

3D Coat Scene, Marmoset Scene, Video MP4 2560x1440

CONTENT: WEEK 1: Concept techniques for anyone | Intro to Photoshop | Concepting the base silhouette | Concepting the details | Polishing the details | Adding values | About Base colors | Adding base colors and skins WEEK 2: Intro to 3D Modeling | 3D Modeling and UVs | Mesh for Emission | Stylized Mesh tips WEEK 3: Intro for Texturing | Intro to 3D Coat | Material Check Tips | Painting Base colors | Color Blending Part 1 | Color Blending Part 2 | Lineart | Additional Blending WEEK 4: Highlights Part 1 | Highlights Part 2 | Highlights Part 3 | Painting Decals | AO and Reflections | Overall Polishing | Lineart | Gradient & Baked AO

WEEK 5: Emission Part 1 | Emission Part 2 | Emission Part 3 | Stylized Work Presentation

TUTORIAL CREATOR: Romans Busels aka ZugZug Art

Romans is the Founder of ZugZug Studio, Course Mentor, Art Lead, and Environment/Props Artist with a huge passion for Handpainted and Stylized styles. He has over 14 years of professional experience in videogame development, not only as an Artist but also as the person who hires Artists and approves the final artworks that go into development. He is currently working on the Riot projects. His past projects include companies such as Disney, Epic Games, FunPlus, and many more. His main art principles are to break the rules, trust your imagination, and make your dreams come true!

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