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Light and Render with Marmoset Toolbag

ABOUT THE COURSE - audio in English -This class has English and Portuguese subtitles.

I'm Leticia Gillett and this is my class on how to Light and Render with Marmoset Toolbag. This course will start with the basics of Marmoset’s interface and then jump right into how to import models. After that, the real fun begins! We will learn how to make any material type we need like rubber, plastic, skin and more. We will also show how to create different lights and when to use them - and most importantly, how to use them to tell stories. By the end, you will be able to create many great light setups to present your models as well as render images and videos to use for portfolio and social media.

So, let's have tons of fun rendering together and remember 'be brave, be kind and dream big!'

A note: Even if you don't want to use Marmoset, these principles and concepts work across different lighting and rendering solutions like Arnold, Redshift, Vray etc. That said, if you want the full effects of the class, it's best done in marmoset!

software required: Marmoset Toobag 4 Hours of content: approximately 4 hours

This is a zero to HERO class, meaning that you don't need any experience with Marmoset to follow the class. You will learn beginner to advanced concepts and techniques and most importantly - have fun doing it!

The course has thirteen videos, and they're structured like this: Video 00 - Introduction (trailer) Video 01 - Marmoset Toolbag Interface Video 02 - Import and Export models Video 03 - Lights part 01 Video 04 - Lights part 02 Video 05 - Creating materials Video 06 - Material properties Video 07 - Material aspects Video 08 - Emissive materials Video 09 - Camera and Turntable Video 10 - Shaders and textures Video 11 - Lighting and Render Video 12 - Storytelling with light part 01 Video 13 - Storytelling with light part 02 Video 14 - Rendering the Bunny

Beyond the videos, you will also get a FBX model of the Bunny used in class so you can follow along if wanted.

About me I've worked in the industry for many years now and had the opportunity to be a part of studios such as Blizzard, Dreamworks, Netflix Animation and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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