Intro to MegaScans Studio

In this course we cover using the resource Megascans to find and use basic texture scans to create interesting dynamic materials. Students will be able to more intelligently evaluate textures based on color, visual characteristics of textures, and how to blend textures based on color while understanding how this affects the visual color balance. Students will learn how to use megascans studio to take plain textures and tell a story through texture blending by understanding how materials in the real world behave and how to use color and reflectivity to convey this story.

Through the use of visual storytelling in textures we learn how to use megascans studio to create stunning textures. This course will teach how to use Marmoset Toolbag 2 as a way to present quality screenshots of art. While learning Toolbag 2, the course covers the qualities that make a render portfolio ready. The course covers how to setup final presentation of an asset from how to use Marmoset Toolbag, to lighting qualities, improving a final image, Learning how to emulate camera effects, and post effects to improve final renders.

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