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BLOOD PACK Comic Photoshop Brushes MANGA BRUSH

BLOOD PACK by Manga Brush includes over 150 Photoshop Brushes for your horrific gore or action packed comic creation! ✧ These all original brushes were developed referencing hundreds of comic pages / manga. Over 150 Photoshop Blood brushes and patterns! Coupons included to upgrade to the larger packs such as the MANGA MEGAPACK 1500+!


✦INSTRUCTIONS To Load: Simply click on the ABR file included in this folder and the brushes should load in Photoshop. You can view them in Photoshop by choosing Window> Brush Presets.

✦ This order is eligible for updates and optimization.

✦ Note: These brushes are not available for resale. As in you can’t sell/share the brushes themselves, but you are welcome to sell any artwork that is made using the brushes, without worry.

✦ COUPONS are included to upgrade to the larger packs when you are ready! This blood pack is included in the SHOUNEN PACK and MEGAPACK 1500+ which can be purchased here on CubeBrush through those links, but when using coupons, purchased on:

✦ Inquiries: Would love to hear if there are any particular brushes you’d like added to the pack for future versions / updates. Any questions or suggestions can be sent to [email protected]

✦ Tutorials for brush packs will be updated on Youtube here:

✦ Find me on INSTAGRAM: and tag @mangabrush #mangabrush if you wanna show off your manga brush creations!

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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