Complete Introduction to ZBrush

This complete in-depth introduction to ZBrush is perfect for beginners looking to learn the software, fast.

The 6h+ course covers everything from the interface, the basics of 3D, all the main tools of ZBrush as well as some more advanced techniques which will always be relevant, regardless of the software version.

During the course you'll create a stylized barrel as well as a character/creature bust. With the skills learned, you should be ready to tackle nearly every model you have in mind.

I use these same tools and techniques for my own sculpts so even though the course is aimed at beginners, it's also meant to get you up to speed fast and onto creating awesome things!

⚠ If you have the complete ART School pack - This is already included!

If you're interested in any of the other more advanced 3D courses in my store, I'd highly recommend you start with this.

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