Characters and Anatomy
3ds Max

Adriana 2.0

Fully rigged nude and clothed model ready for animation with multiple morph targets and full Biped system with custom controls for Expressions and Phonemes. The model includes the control mesh with full Modifiers History and Skin Morph muscle corrections.

Different high resolution maps for both body and face including diffuse, bump, reflection, displacement, normal and subdermal, perfect for extreme close-up shots. The model has edge-loops based topology with rational polygon count.

• Hair and body fur has been created using 3dsMax standard Hair & Fur • Clothes use 3dsMax standard Cloth system.

SOFTWARE - 3dsMax 2016 + Vray -- FBX 2014 (Geometry, UV's, Rig, Custom controls, Hair guides, materials) - OBJ (Geometry, UV's) - Collada (Geometry, UV's)


  • Very detailed textures up to 4K.
  • 3dsmax version includes Vray materials/shaders.

POLYS / VERTS Body 10.747 / 10.630

0-14 Poses 15-32 Phonemes & Expressions: A E O U FV BMP CD WQ Laugh Smile Sad Disgust Angry Misc 50-65 Poses with Cloth simulation

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