Unreal Engine 4
Exterior Decoration
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68 (111 with variations) high quality modular assets which can be put together to create infinite combination of stylized Viking houses, foundations, caves, mountains, landscapes and whatever it is you wish. Highly customizable materials include edge, object space color, snow, ice, ambient occlusion tint and much more. Create your own stylized game!

Features: · 68 high quality modular assets · Highly customizable materials (cavity, edge, ambient occlusion, object space color, snow, ice and scale controls). · Easily adjustable landscape material · Particle effects (snow and fire) · High variety of possible asset combinations Texture Sizes: (please list resolutions for each texture) · 36 4096x4096 · 33 2048x2048 · 12 1024x1024 · 1 256x256 · Texture Size (please list textures for each resolution): 36 4096x4096 33 2048x2048 12 1024x1024 1 256x256 Collision: Yes, automatically generated and custom Vertex Count: 24,086 to 112 LODs: Yes 2 and 3 (75%, 50%, 25%)

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