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Full body black female 3d model

IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT ONE OF MY PREVIOUS PRODUCT FEEL FREE TO ASK FOR 50% DISCOUNT(of the original price) BEFORE YOU BUY THIS ONE!!! All my new female models with maya scene share the same pose, topology and uv so you can mix them together via blendshapes and mix textures to create unique characters.

Hello! This is a detailed full body black young female character in ztl file(zbrush 2019 or higher compatibile). There is also maya 2018.6 scene and project folder with all source maps. Maya scene contains all the shaders and xGen hair You can see on attached pictures. The body model has all quads animation ready clean topology and 4 UDIM's clean UV's. Obj files and other resources for exporting this model to any other 3d software are also attached.

This model can be used as a base for any black and other female characters. It has clean animation friendly topology and UV's. It is a great base for your projects that can save you a lot of time. Even the hair xGen setup is made in the way that allows You to modifiy the model shape in zbrush and still use provided hair setup just by using blend shape. There is also eyes and teeth and tongue models with maps and source hires ztl. All You need for character setup.

Zbrush ztl file(black1.ztl in black1ztlobjmaps_hair archive) containns: -full body model(21 665 794 polygons at the 6lv subdivision). You can see mesh topology on the provided images. -teeth and tongue model hires model -eyes elements: eyeball(cornea) and iris models(the one without texture) there is also preview eyes with texture. -bikini model.

Maya scene(black1maya) contains: -full body model at 2lv subdivision with eyes and teeth with all shaders and maps, all that You can see at provided images. You can use 1lv subdivision as well and bake displacement for it in zbrush.

black1ztlobjmapshair archive contains obj files with normal maps and xgen hair exported to .abc files so it can be used in unreal engine/unity and other 3d software.

Before You open maya scene(black1/scenes/black1.mb) please set the project folder to black_1 so maya can load all the maps for the scene and all xGen files.

!!! All maps for maya scene are in black1/sourceimages folder. !!! The other maps that are not used for maya scene are in second archive: black1ztlobjmaps_hair archive. Normal maps for body have microdetail on separate layer so you can set its intensity.

There are 8 xGen descriptions(in one collection) for facial hair and hairstyle that you can see on attached images. As a base model for xGen hair I used head model at 2lv subdivision. That allows You for future undestructive(for xGen hair) changes to the model shape. For example if You want to tweak face features: -open zbrush file and make changes. Unhide only head(polygroups based on uv are already made) and export it on 2lv -import this model to maya and unhide blacklv2:Group23188 model(the one that xGen is attached to) -first sellect the newly imported mesh and then add blacklv2:Group23188 to selection(with shift pressed) -on the main panel, under deform click Blend Shape and apply blend shape. -in Attribute Editor on the blendShape# pad set the weight to1. If there were any other previously apllied blendshapes set them to 0.

All renders made with arnold render engine in maya 2018.6 are clean renders without any editing.

Hdri maps used for renders comes from

If You want to use this model in Unreal Engine or any other sftware I attached obj files for lv1 and lv2 with baked normal maps and hair exported to alembic file(.abc)

If You like this model and You don't have zbrush and maya please write me a message.

If You like it please give it a review :)

You will get 2 files

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