Easter Bunny Workshop

This is a live recording of the Easter Bunny Workshop filmed on location in Seattle Washington on Easter weekend! Hosted by Sketch Foundry, a two day workshop filled with ZBrush, portfolio reviews, and lots of fun. Not everyone could make it out to the event, so I've compiled some of the footage and made it available online!

This workshop covered the early character creation process in-depth. Unlike the past tutorials available on my store, I show in detail the early stages without time-lapsed footage. Using ZBrush, I cover organic sculpting, blocking out, hard surface sculpting, and a bunch more. Full details and breakdown listed below.


nearly 8 hours of live video 22 mp4 recordings 2.51 GB of video

Day 1 - Block-Out in ZBrush

part 01 - introductions and block-out part 02 - clothing and balance part 03 - quick bags, proportion adjustments part 04 - creating hands part 05 - tech designs on the arms part 06 - splitting, preparing Subtools part 07 - fabric, hard surface block-out part 08 - sculpting the chest tech part 09 - sculpting the helmet part 10 - continued tech, organic sculpting

Day 2 - Sculpting

part 01 - refining utility bags, buckles part 02 - buckles cont., straps and belts part 03 - hard surface details and armor part 04 - refining the hands and arm tech part 05 - ZRemesh and surface details part 06 - Topology Brush, helmet sculpting part 07 - micro detail, hoses, refining clothing part 08 - basics to Fibermesh part 09 - Fibermesh settings cont.

Bonus - Blooper clip

Disclaimer - Strong language in some of the clips. It happens...

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